Keep All Your Favorite Places and Important Spots Close

Bookmark your favorite spots to find them easily later. Set a reminder based on location. Never lose your car again!

Share Your Experiences by Sharing Your Beacons.

Get your Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers involved in the conversation by sharing your Beacons.

Coordinate Your Meetup, Share Pictures, and Get Directions

Where are we going? Who’s bringing the chips? Is someone running late? No worries. Everyone invited to a Beacon can join the group chat and be part of the conversation. It even gives turn-by-turn directions.

Join Events and Meet People with Public Beacons

Public Beacons help you find events like concerts, festivals, and celebrations. Explore other’s Beacons to discover hangouts and local hotspots. Dive into the conversation, meet new people, and uncover experiences you’ll never forget.