About Beacon Me

Everything is better with friends. But what happens when you can’t get a hold of everyone, or you aren’t sure who is around, or plans change at the last minute? After too many missed connections, bad directions, and frustrations trying to organize ways to meet up, we knew there had to be a better way than endless text messages and spammy Facebook invites.

What do you need to meet up? You’ve got to know who’s around, where you’re going, and have a way for everyone to chat about details. When we set out to make Beacon Me, we wanted to make something powerful enough to achieve all those functions, flexible enough to be used by two people or a big group, and simple enough for anyone to use.

After a year of testing and learning, we’ve finally got something we’re proud of, and sure that you’ll love. Whether you’re organizing a tailgate, meeting up for dinner in the city, keeping track of the family at an amusement park, or just reminding yourself where you parked your car, Beacon Me is for you.

Launch a Beacon, invite friends, and explore your world.

Matt Mason

President, Co-Founder

Matt derives his love for simplicity from his background in Latin and Ancient Greek, where he spent countless hours teasing fluid clear translations from complex poetry and prose. This passion has translated into a desire to create an easier way for people to come together. His vision has led to Beacon Me, a better way to share experiences. An educator by profession, Matt adamantly stands by the belief that “labor omnia vincit”.

Colton Payne

Chief Brand Officer, Co-Founder

A marketer, geek, and eternal optimist, Colton has a passion for connecting people with unique experiences through technology. Drawing on his experience making people fall in love with some of the country’s most respected brands, he hopes to enrich the lives of as many people as possible by introducing them to Beacon Me.

Andrew Bennett


An engineer and a Silicon Valley transplant, Andrew has followed his passion for Computer Science all the way to San Francisco where he currently works as a systems engineer for AT&T. Experience in the Fortune 500 culture, combined with a love of application design and development make him uniquely qualified to step into a technical management role for Beacon Me. In addition to his passion for technology and the “start-up culture”, Andrew is a die hard Georgia Bulldogs fan.

About Beacon Mobile, LLC

At Beacon, we’re not hackers, we don’t want you to call us ninjas, and we aren’t worried about having the best hair in Silicon Valley. What we are passionate about, is solving real problems through technology. Our first product, Beacon Me, is the perfect example of what we aim to do — Create technologies that make your busy life easier, better, and richer. Get to know us!